Crooked Little Thoughts (2012)

Record Details

2012 Bloodlines

Crooked Little Thoughts is the visually stunning hard cover book 3CD pack by The Black Sorrows.

Twenty-four sparkling new songs over three CDs housed in a deluxe book featuring artwork by acclaimed Australian artist Victor Rubin…

Music, stories, poems, pictures and art bound together in a stunning hard back version book.

Inside Sleeve: Welcome to the Black Sorrows’ first album in five years. A collection of Joe Camilleri’s Crooked Little Thoughts.

Crooked Little Thoughts features a great bunch of new songs that draw on the depth of Joe’s experience and influences. On listening you can hear a smattering of The Falcons, the classic country flavoured Sorrows circa 1990 and a good dollop of Camilleri’s years of loving the blues.

Even though they’re brand new songs, Crooked Little Thoughts sounds like a Joe Camilleri best-of, taking us on a trip through all of his music loves: pop, rock, blues, jazz, soul, country and gospel.