“Catching The Black Sorrows brand of raw, rootsy, hip-shaking rock’n’roll feels like discovering the best bar band in the world”
The Dubai National

“The pumping, attacking energy never flagged. The Audience could have stayed there all night”
Glam Adelaide

“…you know you’re in the presence of a real thumping, jangling, Mississippi-by-way-of-Melbourne rock n’ roll band”
The Skinny Edinburgh

“Camilleri is an Aussie rock legend and one of this nation’ s finest performers..the epitome of a hardworking entertainer who knows how to connect with his audience.”
Sydney Morning Herald

Formed in Melbourne in 1984 by Australian music icon Joe Camilleri, The Black Sorrows continue to be one of Australia’s most enduring touring bands, earning the reputation as a dynamic live act and festival favourite. Their musicianship and energy appeals to music fans everywhere. Frontman, Joe Camilleri steers the band through an infectious interplay of solid grooves that mixes blues, roots, old school R&B with flashes of jazz, country and Brill Building pop.

 Awarded “living legend” status by Rolling Stone, Joe Camilleri has kicked a staggering number of goals over his 50+ years in music as a singer, songwriter, musician, performer and producer. Camilleri launched The Black Sorrows as a loose band of like-minded musicians in 1984.  The independently released album Dear Children, represented a turning point for The Sorrows once CBS/Sony stepped in with a world-wide deal. There have been hits not only in Australia but also in Europe where they still have a loyal legion of fans. The band toured Europe several times playing songs that have become radio staples like Chained to the Wheel, Harley & Rose and Hold On To Me and Stir It Up. There have been multi-platinum albums and, collectively, sales of over two million records worldwide. The Black Sorrows, in one form or another, haven’t stopped recording or performing since Joe pulled the thing together. 

Joe Camilleri
is considered one of the most genuinely talented figures in Australian music.  As frontman of the seminal 70’s band, Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons, Joe was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007. Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons made their mark on the Australian music landscape with their unique blend of rock ‘ n’ roll, soulful sax and reggae rhythms with hits Shape I’m In, So Young and Hit and Run. Over the years other greats have admired Camilleri’s songwriting including Elvis Costello recording So Young in 1987 and John Denver with Chained to the Wheel and Never Let Me Go in 1989. 

The newest version of The Black Sorrows is a formidable one  – Claude Carranza (guitar/vocals), Mark Gray (bass/vocals), John McCall (keyboards/vocals) and Angus Burchall (drums) Joe Camilleri (vocals/guitar/sax/harp)

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Live Reviews

“Black Sorrows delight west London with music masterclass” Australian Times UK 2017

“…the musicianship never let up. The smiles never stopped. Camilleri looked almost blissed-out with happiness. The pumping, attacking, energy never flagged. The audience could have stayed there all night. This was less a gig, and more a revivalist jubilation meeting ”  GlamAdelaide  Adelaide Fringe 2017

“Camilleri as anticipated is a force of nature, with one of Australian rock’s most distinctive voices. His expressive and enthusiastic growls and croons carried the band through frequent musical twists. His showmanship sets a precedent, commanding the stage with genuine conviction and ability, and his larrikin nature entertains between also. He’s a Louisiana bluesman trapped way, way down south.” Planet Arts Melbourne

“Catching the Sorrows’ brand of raw, rootsy, hip-shaking rock ’n’ roll feels like discovering the best bar band in the world” The National AE Dubai Aug 2015

“you know you’re in the presence of a real thumping, jangling, Mississippi-by-way-of-Melbourne rock n’ roll band”  Aiden Ryan The Skinny Edinburgh Aug 2015

‘Camilleri is joined onstage by such a wealth of talent ….Everything comes together in what makes a complete experience and it appears that the crowd feels the same. There’s less of the polite applause and more of the real appreciation, more open-mouthed wonder’ Review The Quarry Amphitheatre Perth

‘Joe never fails to deliver, and produces one of the most powerful shows in the country. Joe’s passion for music and his genuine love of his fans make him the best in the business. Up and coming artists wanting longevity should take a leaf out of Joe’s book.’ Duane McDonald Regional Touring

‘Camilleri is an Aussie rock legend and one of this nation’s finest performers..the epitome of a hardworking entertainer who knows how to connect with his audience.‘ Camilleri Flies High story by Chris Johnson Sydney Morning Herald


Rolling Stone Living Legend “Jo Jo Zep brought soul to Oz rock and The Black Sorrows did it again..”

Newcastle Herald “Joe Camilleri is still cool in black”

Stack Magazine “Camilleri simply continues to do one thing: churn out quality music…thealbum showcases a stellar line-up…these guys can play anything, and Faithful Satellite traverses bluegrass, blues, rockabilly, reggae, rock, gospel and soul” Jeff Jenkins

 The Age EG “….a record that traverses the American canon with zestful joy instead of faithful appropriation… Faithful Satellite is a reminder that Camilleri and his bandmates were the gateway drug for roots music aficionados in this country  Craig Mathieson

 Newcastle Herald After 50 years Joe Camilleri is still wide awake at the wheel”

 AMNPlify It’s difficult to fault an album that is as diverse as this one… there is enough space within the tracks to allow them to be appreciated by new fans as well, both in terms of lyrical quality and superb musicianship… this classic Australian band are not through sharing their musical gifts with the world just yet.” Jackie Smith

“Faithful Satellite combines all of the qualities you would expect from the Sorrows – eclectic roots instrumentation…providing an organic warm sound that is so captivating…the songs are some of Joe and Nick Smith’s best…expect to see this on many critics best of the year list”  Steve Britt Rhythms Mag Sept/Oct

International Press


 Written In Music Netherlands ” Faithful Satellite will undoubtedly generate effortless appreciation outside the circle of the Black Sorrows diehard fan”

 mescalina Italy  “….definitely an album positively out of the ordinary. I recommend it without any doubt”

Roots Highway review Italy “…highlights an unconditional love for the soul, the country roots, the language of southern music and r & b”

Ruta66 Magazine Spain “a seamless album, reinterpreting blues and soul without losing sight of the high-octane rock. They have little to do with the rest of musical proposals that relate to his native Australia. And that makes them a rara avis (rare bird)….full of personality…drunken freedom…luminously excelsos”

Popklikk Norway “….For the rest of us are Faithfull Satellite, a cream, sweet jukebox and band so much fun you can have with live music from a low stage. Bring’em back”.

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