What better night than a TUES to catch up with Melbourne music legend Joe Camilleri. Performing, chatting at the Readings Carlton instore.  It is sure to be a hoot.  Come along!

Acoustic Joe Camilleri

6-6:30pm only.  Come on down…  Tuesday, Sept 18.

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Cover AMF CamilleriDVD
Joe Camilleri has rocked the live music scene for over 40 years, recorded over 30 CDs and produced countless more and there is no end in sight. Joe Camilleri: Australia’s Maltese Falcon follows the history of this great Aussie rocker and explores the story from Malta to Melbourne.

On 4 September, the documentary will be screened at Caravan Music. In addition to the screening of the feature, Joe, will be playing a selection of his classics before the film. This is your chance to experience the magic with Joe!

More details coming soon…

New music documentary of Joe Camilleri : AUSTRALIA’S MALTESE FALCON.

Joe Camilleri: Australia’s Maltese Falcon is a new feature length documentary that traces Camilleri’s Maltese background to Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons to the rise of The Black Sorrows to now, including the 2011 making of The Black Sorrows’ stunning collectors edition of Crooked Little Thoughts 3CD/Book set.

Featuring over 35 songs with rarely seen concert footage from across many aspects of Camilleri’s music career, this is a fascinating and an intimate portrait of the man and his passion for music.

Click link here to view… Joe Camilleri: Australia\'s Maltese Falcon Trailer

Out Now thru Head Records.

Cover AMF CamilleriDVD

Jul 3 2012

The Story So Far

The Story So Far! delves deep into the minds and lives of some of this country’s finest musicians. This Sunday, July 8, Joe takes to the stage to engage & enlighten in the unique live chat show format and performs songs that have shaped and inspired his career.

Join hosts Hosts Sunny Leunig and 3RRR’s Jacinta Parsons and spend your winter afternoon this Sunday with Joe @ The Bella Union.

CHAPTER TWO: SUNDAY JULY 8 at 3pm – Joe Camilleri & Jess Cornelius (Teeth & Tongue)