2016/17 Faithful Satellite

“Jo Jo Zep brought soul to Oz rock and The Black Sorrows did it again..” Rolling Stone Living Legend

“Faithful Satellite combines all of the qualities you would expect from the Sorrows – eclectic roots instrumentation…providing an organic warm sound that is so captivating…the songs are some of Joe and Nick Smith’s best…expect to see this on many critics best of the year list”  Steve Britt Rhythms Mag Sept/Oct

“Camilleri simply continues to do one thing: churn out quality music…thealbum showcases a stellar line-up…these guys can play anything, and Faithful Satellite traverses bluegrass, blues, rockabilly, reggae, rock, gospel and soul” Jeff JenkinsStack Magazine

“….a record that traverses the American canon with zestful joy instead of faithful appropriation… Faithful Satellite is a reminder that Camilleri and his bandmates were the gateway drug for roots music aficionados in this country  Craig MathiesonThe Age EG

It’s difficult to fault an album that is as diverse as this one… there is enough space within the tracks to allow them to be appreciated by new fans as well, both in terms of lyrical quality and superb musicianship… this classic Australian band are not through sharing their musical gifts with the world just yet.” Jackie SmithAMNPlify

“a seamless album, reinterpreting blues and soul without losing sight of the high-octane rock. They have little to do with the rest of musical proposals that relate to his native Australia. And that makes them a rara avis (rare bird)….full of personality…drunken freedom…luminously excelsos”. Ruta66 Magazine Spain

Press 2015

“Joe Camilleri and band put on a rockin performance..” The National AE Dubai Aug 2015

“Joe Camelleri Says The Black Sorrows’ New LPs Honours Icons That Have Passed” The Music July 2015

“The latest version of The Black Sorrows is a finely honed outfit…Willy DeVille’s Storybook Love and No Such Pain …are album highlights…Brian Wise Rhythms May/June 2015

“Released as two vinyl lps, records number 46 and 47 for Joe Camilleri are full of beautifully judged covers of country, blues, soul, rock and jazz recordings that have continued to inspire him. Whether, he’s radically rearranging Hank Williams and Skip James or staying close to the original with John Coltrane’s ‘Lonnie’s Lament,’ there’s a real reverence and musical intelligence in the Black Sorrows approach to these songs.” Lucky Oceans Daily Planet ABC Radio National

“They are without doubt, the best recorded discs I’ve heard in some time. Sounds like every instrument and vocal was surrounded by close microphones with the intimacy of every nuance, captured beautifully and mixed with amazing care and separation….Both discs make up a great collection of performances, only made better by the amazing sound quality in the way each was captured.” Brandon Stewart ABC Local Radio

“….For the rest of us are Faithfull Satellite, a cream, sweet jukebox and band so much fun you can have with live music from a low stage. Bring’em back”. Popklikk Norway

“Feeling all cultured out? What you need is a good, late-night dose of the Black Sorrows’  Jim Gilchrist The Scotsman Edinburgh Fringe Aug 2015

“You’ll be smiling, tapping your foot and bobbing your head to the beats in no time” Lydia Nowak Broadway Baby Edinburgh Fringe Aug 2015

“…powerful collection of covers…Dirty Boulevard is a show piece for the Sorrows’ strong vocal personality and for its tight arrangements lifted above the commonplace by pauses, pacing and close harmonies…the recordings are rich and punchy, with gutsy guitar , full bass and focussed vocals..Jez Ford Australian HiFi Mar/Apr

“There are covers that people play and others that they inhabit…The Black Sorrows have moved in with gusto and taken up residence…vividly executed and beautifully recorded…the Sorrows and guests generally nail it” Steve Creedy The Weekend Australian national

“the 66 year old powerhouse effortlessly captures the mood of classics from J J Cale, Ray Charles and Willy DeVille” Ray Purvis The West Australian Perth

“tasty” Noel Mengel Courier Mail Brisbane

The Black Sorrows’ Endless Sleep shoots from the heart Michael Dwyer Sydney Morning Herald

“…Joe Camilleri leads from the front with his timeless voice and, on moments like the cover of Coltrane’s Lonnie’s Lament, some smooth saxophone playing…Vika Bull’s kickarse version of That’s A Pretty Good Love a highlight of a record that features many good times, and offers Black Sorrows fans another hit of that vintage sound.”

” …the Black Sorrows’ cover of Hank Williams’ I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry  seems as though Williams had written the tune especially for Joe Camilleri, some 66 years after the fact. … it’s this contrast across the record that most appeals. Clearly a passion project, Chapter 47 is a bucket of fun and memories, wrapped in that vintage Black Sorrows sound.”

“Joe Camilleri good times just keep coming” Craig Mathieson The Age

“Joe Camilleri on his passion for music, the longevity of the Black Sorrows and ‘doing a Taylor Swift'” Jason Steger The Melbourne Age

2014 Certified Blue

“ impeccably crafted trip through all the ingredients that made rock’n’roll in the first place, from gospel to sweet soul, raw blues to country…Blasting Certified Blue in the car, as I have been for a week, I didn’t want it to end. It’s that good.”
4.5 STARS Noel Mengel, Review of the Week, Courier Mail April 19

“Bits of soul, bits of rock, bits of country bits of gospel, bits of…I could go on, but you get the point. The point is, it’s just like one perfect party here.”
4 STARS Bernard Zuel Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum, 19 April 2014

“Certified Blue, the new Black Sorrows album is a masterpiece. This is easily Joe’s strongest album since ‘Hold On To Me’ and most passionate since ‘Dear Children’.”
Paul Cashmere Noise 11, 8 April 2014

“Certified Blue contains some of the best songs Joe and his long-term writing partner Nick Smith, have ever written… The album is a wonderful encapsulation of the talents of a great musician” Brian Wise Off The Record, #1 Top Picks Wise Choice Rhythms Magazine April 2014

4 STARS, The Age EG, 18 April 2014

“Camilleri is all class, a musical chameleon who continues to craft splendid songs with his compadre Nick Smith, songs that sound “like an old friend walkin’ through the door”. Certified Blue is a certified smash.”
Jeff Jenkins- Stack Magazine, May 2014

“Performing all types of music genres from blues, rock to even gospel the group showed an enjoyment for the music they were playing and presented a genuine energy to the sold out crowd. Being one of Australia’s most successful touring bands over a span of an unbelievable 30 years, this experience shines through with a fun entertaining night for everyone.” Cargo Art Magazine 2014

2012 Crooked Little Thoughts

‘This is one for the ages.’ 4.5 STARS, Stack Magazine

‘Ace players and styles.’ 4 STARS, The Age

2009 Bakelite Radio Volume I

4 STARS, Music Australia Guide (MAG)

‘Camilleri continues to mellow as a singer and players’ rapport is warm and subtle.’ The Age

2008 Bakelite Radio Volume IV

‘In terms of sheer listening pleasure there are not many albums released this year will eclipse this album.’ Rhythms Magazine

2006 Bakelite Radio Volume III

‘Nocturnal nirvana’ Beat, 8 Jun 2006

‘Sexy, smouldering late-night music’ The Age – EG, 20 May 2005

2004 One Mo Time – The Black Sorrows

‘A hand-tooled model of a national treasure’ InPress, Melbourne, 3 Nov 2004

1998 Beat Club – The Black Sorrows

‘His best Black Sorrows album in a decade!’ The Bulletin, Australia, 27 Oct 1998

‘Joe is still the man. 8/10’ Sun Herald, Sydney, 4 Oct 1998

‘Beat Club is one of the great Black Sorrows records and also one of the best Australian releases this year’
Rip It Up, Adelaide, 26 Nov 1998

‘The best thing Joe has done in his long and distinguished career’
Rave, Brisbane, 19 Nov 1998

‘Hats off to Joe Camilleri. Who would have thought that at this stage of The Black Sorrows’ career Joe would have come up with an album to just about rival the definitive Hold On To Me. Beat Club is a triumph!’
Time Off, Brisbane, 30 Sep 1998